Asus Eee Tablet

What will happen if the notepad mated to an e-reader? Eee Tablet, so says Asus. "This single device that changed the style of reading and writing," said Jonney Shih (Chairman, Asustek Computer Inc.) In a press conference at the Grand Formosa Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan (05/31/2010).

Consequently there was a device that functions as an electronic notepad, e-reader and also a media player. The difference is, the user will feel more natural to use it, as if writing on plain paper. "To reverse one page only needs 0.1 seconds, or 10x faster than competitors' products," explained Jonney. Synchronize with your PC or notebook can be done via a USB port or a microSD card slot.

"Like making a sketch on plain paper. There is resistance, such as when writing on paper. But here there are many templates it," said Jonney about sailing touch tablet with a resolution of 2450 dpi is. Eee Tablet which has a WiFi connection is intended for students and business professionals who are mobile.

In this device, you are also able to tag and search easily. Shoot something else can, because EDOF 2 megapixel camera is immersed. This means that a snapshot, or image from the whiteboard and lecture slides can be taken, and also imbued notes.

Eee tablet, Jonney added, will not make users sick eye in the sunlight. Because he did not use a backlight technology. Also do not have to worry about them often to recharge its battery power because Asus promises up to 10 hours duration. Eee tablet will supposedly be sold at a price range of 399-449 U.S. dollars.

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